To my readers…

Hello friends.

Once again I must apologize for my absence. As we all know, life happens and time gets away from us. I wish I had good news to bring to you, but unfortunately I come with the opposite.

The sequel to my debut novel, SUCCESSOR, will be put on hold for the foreseeable future.

This is not a decision I make lightly, as I know some have shown interest in seeing what’s next for Evan and the Laraek clan. While the next step in their story is something I’m excited to share with readers, it isn’t a journey I feel capable of capturing the true essence of at this time. I truly envy writers who can produce a novel or more every year, as that level of commitment is one I will never manage to reach.

So while the sequel is being put to rest for the time being, I do promise it will greet the world one day. And when it does, I hope it will not disappoint those who enjoyed the first book. I truly love Evan and Ren, and I will miss them dearly.

Now it’s time to forge ahead with the stories beckoning my attention.

Stay tuned.

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