Well hello again, everyone. And by everyone, I mean probably no one, as I’m not sure if or when anyone stops by for a visit. Nevertheless, as a courtesy to those who actually do visit, here’s a look at what’s been happening.

In publishing news…

My debut novel, SUCCESSOR, is scheduled to release on October 24th through The Wild Rose Press. It will be available in ebook through TWRP’s website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes. Print copies can also be ordered through those websites, but as TWRP is a print-on-demand (POD) publisher, they don’t mass produce books for stores. So unfortunately you won’t be able to just walk into a bookstore near you and pick up a copy. A lot of publishers go the POD route because it cuts production costs by a LOT. They don’t have to worry about issuing refunds with books are returned after their shelf lives expire. If ebooks aren’t your thing and ordering a print copy doesn’t work for you, you can always head to your local library and request they order in the book. Libraries LOVE when people make suggestions, and it gives other readers the opportunity to read something they may not have realized was available.

SUCCESSOR also has a Goodreads page. There you can add the book to your to-be-read shelf, along with rate, review, and add it to various reader-created lists. The more ratings and reviews a book has, the better the chance of other readers finding it through recommendations.

I’ll also be participating in a book blog tour next month. In the two weeks surrounding SUCCESSOR’s release, twenty blogs geared toward young adult novel readers will post about it, along with adding in interviews, lists, and guest posts by little ole me 🙂 I’ll post links to the blogs that are participating once I hear which they are. There will also be a giveaway for the tour! It’ll include a handful of handmade bookish items I’ve personally made, along with personalized paperback copies. Three winners will be chosen, and the giveaway is open to US residents only. Hope you can participate!




For seventeen-year-old Evan, graduation means the freedom to leave behind her small-town life and find where she belongs. She never expected it to be in a different world.

Across time and space, deep in a mysterious jungle, Evan discovers the hidden heritage of her mother’s people and her own legacy. She becomes their elemental, a protector gifted with the power to control nature. The role has its challenges, but the biggest is the inexplicable connection with her scarred bodyguard, Ren. Frustrated and fascinated by him, Evan resists the magnetic pull after realizing there’s more to it than simple attraction.

Claiming her birthright reignites the wrath of a ruthless enemy with a score to settle. To protect her new family, Evan will need to call on her formidable power. But embracing it could cause her to lose herself and the man who holds her heart. 

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